Skincare Treatment

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation is a treatment to resurface your skin, or to improve the texture, clarity and overall appearance of your skin

Photo facial

Photofacial is a non-invasive procedure to improve the color and texture of your skin.

Acne treatment

Acne is a disorder of the skin follicles which gives an excess of oil in the skin and this often becomes infected with a bacteria called P.Acnes

Vascular Veins

Varicose veins are swollen veins that you can see through your skin. They often look blue, bulging, and twisted. Left untreated, varicose veins may worsen over time


Rosacea epidermis condition is among the most typical issue that impacts lots of people particularly within their 30s and beyond. The precise ...

Hyper Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a common condition where the skin develops dark spots or patches in some areas in comparison to the surrounding skin.

Wrinkle reduction

Wrinkles are caused by the breakdown of the natural collagen support layer of your skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal works by using light energy to permanently disable the hair follicle. The laser light selectively targets hair follicles while leaving other tissue untouched.

Gray and Fine Hair Treatment

Gray Hair or Fine Hair treatment

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage is a highly specialized and gentle massage technique used to increase lymph flow and encourage the natural drainage of the lymph from the body tissues

Hot Paraffin Wax Massage

Hot Paraffin Wax Treatments. Excellent treatment for joint or back pain. You will first receive a muscle relaxing massage followed by a Hot Paraffin Wax treatment ...


Upper Lip

Botox treatment

BOTOX® is a purified protein which when injected into a muscle leads to a temporary muscular relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders.

Stress Relief Massage

Stress relief massage, often referred to as a Swedish massage, is a series of stroking, kneading, pushing, manipulating, rubbing and other types of pressure related movements to the body.

Dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin

Alipic Skin

Alipic means lacking oil. Alipic skin is where the oil glands dont produce enough sebum.

Blemishes Treatment

Blemishes are marks or areas of discoloration on the skin.